About our Academy


Founder's Message

Upendo Friends Sports Academy (UFSA) is a tribute to the game that has made me what I am today. My passion for Soccer, coupled with the urge to give back to the game has prompted me to come up with the initiative of setting up a Soccer academy. I envisioned this academy that would allow dedicated trainees to focus on reaching their potential, while teaching them responsibility, leadership and determination.

I envisage UFSA to be a place where an athlete learns and trains not only to improve his or her game but to explore the opportunities to become a professional. With a vision to create a chain of world class academies with modern day facilities , I am confident that we are on a path to create one of the best football academies in the world.

Mrs. Isabella Daniel Mwampamba, Founder


Upendo Friends Sports Academy is an independent school located just north of Tanzania in the City of Arusha. The Academy was founded in September, 2006 to provide Sports bound for young people with an educational setting that combines excellence in athletic training with a rigorous academic program.

Our Commitment

Upendo Friends Sports Academy strives to meet the goals of young-bound students while challenging them to realize personal excellence. We seek to admit qualified pupils-athletes whose athletic and academic abilities will contribute to and benefit from rigorous educational and high performance training. 

Our Approach

Our predominant teaching and coaching style fosters success at schools and n the streets. It is mainly structured, adaptive self-teaching, rounded out with group learning to ensure that the students can perform constantly on their own initiative, while being fully capable of functioning in teams, as either team members or leaders.

Our Team

Every staff member encourages the pursuit of excellence in character, leadership and scholarship. Our rich and varied community cultivates the values of commitment, courage, and compassion. Whether students aspire to become champions or attain a Higher learning scholarship, their ambition will find a strong foundation on which to flourish. We strive to not only develop champions, but independent thinkers, with magnificent learning skills, who will excel in today’s competitive world.

Our Values

Upendo Friends Sports Academy provides a uniquely balanced academic and athletic platform designed to enable dedicated student-athletes to achieve the next level. From the athletic program to the academic program to the guidance department to the strength and conditioning program, everything is fully integrated.

Upendo Friends Sports Academy provides disciplined, challenging programming, and complementary training, in a positive, respectful and healthy environment.

Upendo Friends Sports Academy provides opportunities for student-athletes to learn leadership skills, teamwork and personal responsibility.

The Academy provides academic and athletic programs tailored to each individual based on assessments and goals of the student-athlete.

The Academy provides educational and athletic situations that will form the bases for life long learning.


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