Historical Background

Academy's Historical Background

Upendo Friends Sports Academy (UFSA) was established in 2015 and officially registered on May 7th 2019 with base in Arusha, Tanzania, as an initiative of Madam Isabella Mwampamba the Founding and Owner of Upendo Friends Pre and Primary School. Madam Isabella saw the imperative need for children to have better grounds to play; since this doesn’t only make them physically fit, but also catalyses navigation of their brains to be active; and therefore do better in academics.

The academy is under guidance of Upendo Friends Pre and Primary Schools and its being headed by experienced and trained permanent and seasoned athletes from Regional, National and International levels. For the purpose of excellent management the UFSA has been structured professionally to be led by the Executive Board (EB) and Senior Management Team (SMT).

The academy is officially registered with NATIONAL SPORTS COUNCIL OF TANZANIA, its registration no. NSC 12335; therefore it’s recognized by the Government and other key stakeholders. To this day the Academy has played and won a

number of competitions within and without the country.